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Fortitude (n): strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.


A robust web presence is a must for small businesses in the time of COVID.  We know that for many small businesses, meeting customers’ expectations for online commerce and social media is a challenge. That’s where 40TUDE Business comes in. We’re here to help you amp up your online visibility and sales capacity with expert design and web services.

40TUDE is your new outsourced marketing team!

Our Partners

40TUDE Business is a collaborative venture that brings together talented NIU students, industry experienced faculty/instructors and local marketing experts. DeKalb County UNITES has partnered with OC Creative and Northern Illinois Universities Division of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development, College of Business and JobsPLUS to create the 40TUDE Business team to meet small business demands now.

Our Services

We will take care of it for you –$500 each

  • Online Presence - If you’re just getting started online, we’ll ensure that your business has a consistent presence and accurate information on Google, Facebook and other platforms.

  • Social Media Plan - We’ll work with you to improve your social media presence with header designs, profile pictures, a posting plan, suggested voice and several starter designs.


Let’s take your online presence up a level  - $1,000 each

  • New/Redesigned Website  – We’ll design or redesign your website (up to seven pages) for a fresh, appealing look.

  • E-Commerce and Online Sales  – If you’re ready to start selling online or update your online sales, our team will work with you to create a seamless e-commerce experience for customers.

Ready to Start or Learn More? 

For the Nonprofit

40TUDE Nonprofit is our sister program coordinated by NIU’s Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies with guidance from the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership and the DeKalb County Community Foundation.  If you are a nonprofit and in need of  assistance with data collection and analysis, fundraising, communications and volunteer services please visit https://www.niu.edu/clas/nonprofit/40tude/index.shtml

Small business updates, resources, tools, and tips for getting through this COVID-19 crisis.  

Working directly with small businesses in DeKalb County to determine capacities, needs and opportunities.

Volunteer your time, your resources, your business, or your finances. We appreciate any consideration.

Do you have a unique idea or suggestion we may haven't thought of yet? Send us a message!


Right now, we need everyone in our community thinking strategically about how you can direct your purchasing power to our small businesses. Please join us in supporting our small businesses today. 

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