How You can Help

United Way Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer and donation opportunities as part of DeKalb County’s COVID-19 Response can be found here:

Shop local, small businesses online.

With Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Executive Order 2020-10, the Stay at Home ordered the closing of physical doors around our towns for nonessential businesses. We can still support some of these businesses from our homes. Please consider making a purchase from Lizzy's Pink Boutique or herb/o/logy or 1803 Candles for an upcoming birthday or the holidays. Perhaps, it's a great time to add a member to your family from Prism Bettas or you could pick up a new skateboard from Fargo Skatepark + Skate Shop (great way to get outside). 

Eat from local restaurants using carry-out, curbside pickup, delivery, and drive-thru options.

While some of our favorite eats have closed their dine-in services in compliance with the Stay at Home order, many are open and working hard to keep DeKalb County fed. Consider a night off from those boxes of Mac & Cheese you stocked up on and order from one of your favorites or try a restaurant you've never had before (trust us... you will likely find a new favorite). Check out the Daily Chronicle for a comprehensive take-out guide. Our recommendation is give a call to the restaurant as we all know this is a fluid situation and restaurants are responding and altering their service day-to-day.  


Locally-owned businesses will bend over backwards to find what you need – they’ll probably deliver it, too, so you don’t need to leave your home. Give them a call and see what they can do. Remember, your purchases can ensure that when this pandemic is all over, that store you’ve always counted on will still be there to serve you.

Buy gift cards for local services.

From salons and spas to personal training, many service-based businesses and providers are having to take a temporary hiatuses at the moment. While you can't take advantage of their in-person services at the exact moment, something that you CAN do is buy gift cards for future dates. Either keep for yourself or share with a friend or family member who needs a little pick me up. Gift cards are a timeless way to support the local services that are a little limited at the moment. Go ahead give a call, email or DM to the provider and we bet you will make a smile come to their face in this time of need.

Accelerate the timing of your purchases.

Many of us make annual purchases at certain times of the year.  Instead of waiting to make your regular Fall purchase, can you plan ahead and make the purchase now?  Moving your regular order up a few months may very well be the difference between an owner keeping or laying off an employee. 

Businesses:  Order In, Feed Your Employees, Help Keep Restaurants Afloat. 

While some businesses are unable to continue operations right now, others are busier than ever. You can help nurture your employees and support their good healthy by bringing in meals from a local restaurant. Many restaurants would be glad to be your in-house provider for breakfast, lunch or dinner for your employees. If your budget doesn’t allow you to cover the meals, offer your employees the chance to sign-up for delivery and a restaurant will deliver their meals to you.  Restaurants are getting creative and will work with you to come up with attractive options for demonstrating to your employees how much you value their work during this difficult time.   


Help Feed Community Caretakers

Community caretakers come in many different forms:  health care workers, first responders, and grocery store workers are just a few of the people who are on the front lines of this pandemic. A group of community volunteers is making it easy for the entire community to help provide food for these critically-needed community members.  Go to the GoFundMe, Taking Care of our Care Takers to make a financial contribution that feeds our front line workers while giving much-needed businesses to local restaurants.

Companies Interested in Donating PPE

If you are aware of any companies who are looking to donate masks (N-95, ear loop, or surgical), gowns (isolation or non-descript), gloves (nitrile, sterile, or surgical) or eye protection (face shields and goggles) for first responders during the COVID-19 outbreak, please have them email