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SBA and Treasury PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

SBA and Treasury Release PPP Loan Forgiveness News Release: Click here

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application: Click here

Treasury Issues "Certification Safe Harbor" for PPP Loans Under $2 M

Great news for the small-business community:! The Treasury announced today that PPP borrowers with less than $2 million in loans are automatically deemed to have made the financial-necessity certification on the loan application in good faith. Treasury also somewhat softened its rhetoric towards those businesses that have borrowed more than $2 million, noting that while they will not automatically be deemed to have made the certification like the under $2m loans, they can show an “adequate basis” for making the certification under prior SBA guidance based on their individual facts and circumstances. The announcements were issued via FAQ No. 46 read more.


SBA COVID-19 Resources

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The U.S. Small Business Administration, Illinois Small Business Development Center, and your local Chambers of Commerce are sharing lots of valuable information: updates, resources, tools, and tips for getting through this crisis.   

Free Consulting from the Small Business Development Center

While your banker should be one of your first contacts when considering what to apply for and how to do it, remember that the Small Business Development Center is here to help too!  DeKalb County is serviced by the office out of Waubonsee Community College. 

Please complete your client profile by clicking here. Quick and Easy! 

Dr. Jock Sommese from the Small Business Development Center at Waubonsee Community Colleeg in partnership with Kishwaukee Community College at

Two DeKalb Business Leaders offering Limited, Non-Legal Assistance

Cohen Barnes, owner of Sundog,

Brian Oster, owner of OC Creative,

Small business updates, resources, tools, and tips for getting through this COVID-19 crisis.  

Working directly with small businesses in DeKalb County to determine capacities, needs and opportunities.

Volunteer your time, your resources, your business, or your finances. We appreciate any consideration.

Do you have a unique idea or suggestion we may haven't thought of yet? Send us a message!


Right now, we need everyone in our community thinking strategically about how you can direct your purchasing power to our small businesses. Please join us in supporting our small businesses today. 

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